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Hi, I’m Daksha

I support individuals, managers and teams to shift from feeling overwhelmed, stuck and tired to having more energy, clarity and confidence every day.

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I work with individuals, managers and teams to transform stress, build personal resilience and align mindset with goals and values.  The Resilient You Mastery Program is a step by step process that provides proven strategies, tools and and techniques.

I created The Resilient You Mastery Program, based on the T.H.R.I.V.E principles, to deliver personal transformation from the inside out, so that you can learn to thrive and not just survive and live a joyful, authentic, meaningful, empowered and emboldened (J.A.M.E.E) life.

To find out more about the program, contact me for a free, no obligation 30 minutes free discovery call.

What I offer

Busy Professionals

I know what it is like to work as an employee for an organisation and now as a business owner. Whilst the challenges can vary from business to business, the feelings you experience can be similar regardless of the challenges you face. Even though success means different things to different people, at the end of the day you ultimately want to feel, healthier, happier and fulfilled.

The Resilient You Mastery Program

I created The Resilient You Mastery Program based on the T.H.R.I.V.E mindset shifts to deliver lasting positive change, both professionally and personally. There are 4 phases to the program and all aspects of the program can be tailored to suit your personal and business needs.

About Me

I have over 25 years’ experience working at a senior management level in public sector organisations. I have delivered services as a trainer, coach and within a management consultancy remit delivering results. Driven by a real passion for working with people to inspire change from the inside out and demonstrate new ways of working.


Daksha has been the whisper when I have needed to remember to breathe. A technique she taught me to understand. Something so simple, done right, can have a profound effect.

Between her depth of understanding for Heart Math, the wisdom that is the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, coupled together with an engaging presentation style, I challenge anyone to not gain some insight over a coffee with Daksha.

I have never felt so resilient. I have clarity of thought. I am more myself than I have ever been, and this translates to being better at my “job”. Happiness is the outcome.

If you or your team work in a stressful environment, if making clear decisions in the moment are important, if you want to be able to do everything better, with more clarity and certainty, book a coffee with Daksha. Listen to what she has to say and then believe it. Working with Daksha delivers results.

I am ALWAYS open to being contacted to discuss a personal and professional reference for this amazing lady.


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