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The Colour Code Personality Profile was developed by Dr. Taylor Hartman, it’s simple and accurate and helps you to understand how you can make sense out of life’s relationship puzzles.

I discovered the Colour Code personality profiling system while I was transitioning from being a public sector employee into the world of self-employment. It wasn’t an easy transition and learning about my own motivations and understanding my strengths and limitations through the Colour Code profile helped me to gain many insights into ‘why I do what I do’. I became a certified Colour Code trainer and use this tool to coach and train people through team and personal change.


The tool uses 4 colours -Red, Blue, White and Yellow. The key point to remember is what MOTIVATES each of the Colours. In other words, what is the driving force behind the way that you think, behave, and feel. This is called the “Driving Core Motive” or “DCM” for short. Here is a list of the DCMs by Colour Code:

Reds are motivated by Power

Blues are motivated by Intimacy

Whites are motivated by Peace

Yellows are motivated by Fun

There is no colour that is better or worse than any other colour. Every colour has its strengths and limitations and there is no right or wrong colour combination in a relationship.

Every colour has needs and wants. How the needs and wants are fulfilled will also impact upon how you deal with challenges and how this impacts upon your resilience.

It’s also important to remember that just because you maybe a Blue, it doesn’t mean you like the colour Blue. The colours are used simply to describe the core driving motives.

The key is understanding what makes you tick and what motivates you to do what you do. With this understanding you can communicate, influence, inspire and connect more effectively with your team. This is crucial for developing self confidence, self esteem and resilience.


  • Managing conflict at work

When people understand one another better, they are able to communicate, influence and collaborate more effectively. The assessment helps to remind the team that individuals perceive, view and experience the world differently. That understanding alone could make the test worthwhile. Not only do individuals get a better understanding of their own core driving motive, they learn how their own personality and behaviour can influence the way they interpret the actions of others.

  • Building High Performing Teams

Having a better idea of someone’s core driving motive can also make it easier to pair them with the right roles and responsibilities. Some businesses use personality assessments as part of the recruitment and selection process to ensure that the right personality is appointed for the job.

  • Effective Performance Management

Imagine having a team full of people who are all driven by wanting to take control or imagine a team full of people who want to focus on just exploring the facts and not make decisions or take action. Teams need a balance of personalities to be high performing and deliver results. Having a better understanding of the mix of personalities in your team will enable you to see where the gaps are and highlight some of the possible reasons why the team may not be performing at its best.


Humans, of course, are more complex than a personality assessment report, so it’s important to remember that personality assessments are just one piece of the jigsaw puzzle. It isn’t the full picture.

Managers sometimes make the mistake of pigeonholing individuals once they know what their strengths are. This does not mean that you cannot develop strengths in other areas.

Don’t forget, personality assessment tools are just a predictive framework which provides a baseline of information of your thoughts, behaviours and patterns that come naturally to you. The key is to become more rounded in your character. Character is essentially anything you learn to do, think, act and feel which is outside of your comfort zone. Character is reflected in the in changes you make to become a better version of yourself.

Personality profile assessments aren’t a magic bullet, but they can be a great help in building understanding about how individuals think and communicate, which can help team leaders balance their teams, foster empathy, and fit the right individuals with the right roles. If you use the information properly, it can help you nurture high performing teams, build resilience, be more innovative and creative and optimise the way you work.

If you would like to find out what your driving core motive is, you can take a free basic test by clicking on Colour Code Personality Test

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