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Three Key Factors of Business Success

I believe there are three key factors that influence how successful you will be in achieving your goals.

Success in business means different things to different people. The Oxford dictionary definition of success is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”. Business success could be related to your sales, market share, profits, achieving work life balance, being debt free, making a difference and much more.

When I work with businesses, I share a Venn diagram with the headings Strategy, Stories and State.

Having a ‘Strategy’ is important and having the right strategy is even more critical. Your strategy could be related to any aspect of your business. Let me use the example of wanting to generate more sales in business. It is vital that you are clear about what is going to work for your business, based on your service or product, your ideal client, your marketing strategy, positioning of your business, revenue goals and action plan.

What I have found whilst working with clients is that even when you have the perfect strategy, it is your ‘Stories’ (your self-talk) that can sabotage the implementation of your strategy. Your stories are the internal dialogue you have with yourself and most of the time these stories tend to be negative. Using the example of generating sales, the story maybe along the lines of “I can’t do this because I’m no good at cold calling”, “I don’t want to come across like a pushy sales person” or “What if I’m rejected?”.

These stories are just thoughts and your thoughts will lead you to feel a certain way which creates your ‘State’. Negative stories can make you feel anxious, angry and frustrated. These unpleasant feelings are likely to trigger the stress response, which will impact your personal performance and your ability to implement your strategy.

On the Venn diagram, the section where the Strategy, Story and State meet in the middle is what I call the ‘Sweet Spot of Self Leadership’, where all three factors come into alignment. Without this alignment you are unlikely to successfully achieve what you have set out to do.

Over time your stories become subconscious habits and negative stories are likely to get in the way of your strategy. The key is to become familiar with your stories. Once you become aware or your stories you can change them to more empowering stories which will lead you to feel more pleasant emotions like excitement, appreciation and gratitude. These emotions create opportunities for you to see things from a different perspective, make better decisions and take action.

My question to you is, how aligned are your Strategies, Stories and States with the success you desire?