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“What separates privilege from entitlement is gratitude.” – Brené Brown, researcher and bestselling author

Last week, on a group coaching call, we were asked to change our mindset by learning to say, “I get to do” instead of “I have to do”.

This simple change in words had a profound impact on me. This was the first time I had come across this amazing mindset hack and it was personally mind blowing.

When I think about the language I use and how I feel when I say, “I have to”, ‘I should do’ or ‘I have got to do’ anything, I feel a sense of obligation. It feels like a chore and a sense of duty. This usually leaves me feeling sometimes resentful frustrated and irritated.

When you say “I have to do” something, do you notice how you procrastinate? Physically you tend to move slower, usually with your head down and shoulders slumped.

What difference do the words make?

Just experimenting with changing my words to “I get to do”, filled me with a sense of choice. I “get” to choose what I do and do not. This gave me a sense of control and a feeling of self -empowerment.

In a short space of time, making this small change in the language I used, I noticed a real shift in my energy levels, how I approached my day, how I did my work and my general attitude.

I even changed my “To Do List” to “ Get To Do List”. I know, it does not roll off the tongue, but I found it really changed how I felt about all the tasks that were on my list. Because I felt differently energetically, in a weird kind of way, each task felt like an honour and a privilege.

It reminded me that I get to do so many things that millions of people around the globe do not and that makes me feel even more grateful.

I am grateful in the moment for all the things I ‘get’ to do, even things like take out the trash, clean the house and wash dirty dishes.

I have also found that when you are clear about ‘why’ you do what you do everything else falls into place. You ‘get’ to do the things that are in alignment with your why.

Life makes more sense because you have a sense of purpose.

When you get clear on your purpose, it is easier to set long, medium and short-term goals.  Your goals will help you to identify the activities you ‘get to’ complete on a yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily basis. Once you are clear on the ‘what’ it is about acting on your intentions.

Acting on your intentions means making the time to do the things you are committed to doing. It is not just about time management, it is also about self-management. This means working on your mindset, your habits and your self-talk.

Instead of focusing on what ‘you have to do’, what is it that you ‘get to do’ today?

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