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About me

I’m passionate about inspiring change from the inside out.




My Daily Dose of H.I.G.H.S

Everything I do in my professional and personal life incorporates my core values. Being HEART CENTRED, operating with INTEGRITY, seeking GROWTH, prioritising ‘HEALTH and WELLBEING and making a difference by being of SERVICE

My ‘WHY’ is to live in a heart centred world by enabling personal change, growth and transformation from the inside out. Your Mind at Work educates and empowers individuals to live a joyful, authentic, meaningful, empowered and emboldened (J.A.M.E.E) life. 

How did I end up here?

When I started my working career as a NHS Management Trainee, I really struggled, being a shy, unconfident and naïve individual. Having access to a mentor for two years and lots of leadership and management training, I soon realised that my real passion was in the field of personal development and growth.
I worked my way up the NHS career ladder and then I got enticed into the world of management consultancy. At the time it was the most exciting and most stressful time in my career. I was in complete denial about how stressed I really was, until one day I fainted at work. That was my first wake-up call and experience of what happens to me when I allow stress to build up.

I went on to work as an interim contractor for a local authority, becoming self employed overnight and found myself on a very steep learning curve. I also I decided to start my own training and coaching business on a part time basis.

I was faced with the stress of being self employed and establishing a business. I was overcome with feelings of frustration, overwhelm, battled with my limiting beliefs and befriended procrastination.

When I eventually came across the work of Dr Joe Dispenza, I realised why I felt so stuck and stressed in work (and in my personal life). Even though I was trying to stay positive, I was not addressing the underlying causes, my inner self talk.

The more I studied his work, I finally understood how my thoughts, actions and emotions were creating my personal reality and the worst thing was that I wasn’t even aware of what was happening.


When you become conscious of how you think, act and feel you can choose to challenge and change your thinking and create a new personal reality. Alternatively, you can do nothing and create more of the same reality and secretly hope that somehow your life will be different.

I have now discovered a range of tools, strategies and practices that I use daily to navigate life’s challenges and create the life I want to live.

My work is supported by the following accreditations:
• Neuro change solutions consultant

• HeartMath coach

• Certified Colour Code trainer


I particularly wanted to provide managers across the RNN Group with the knowledge and skills to be able to identify people within their own teams who may be showing signs of stress. I also wanted to equip managers with strategies they could use to manage their own stress levels and become resilient.

The training delivered was a collaboration between Jackie Wilson from Empower Education and Daksha Patel from Your Mind At Work and was of a high level; Both are extremely knowledgeable and confident facilitators.

Jackie and Daksha delivered two day Emotional Resilience for Managers workshops. The feedback we have received so far has been excellent, with attendees seeing the benefits. I have asked for follow up sessions to be delivered in a few months so we are in a position to measure impact. I would highly recommend Jackie and Daksha.

Denise West

HR Director, RNN Group