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Resilient You

The Importance of Transforming Stress and Building Resilience


The Reality

You feel stressed, overwhelmed and tired.

You have the best intentions of looking after yourself but somehow your self-care activities never become your priority.

It feels like you are constantly juggling several balls and you really can’t afford to drop any of them. 

On the outside, you put on a brave face. You do not want anyone to think you cannot cope. 

On the inside you are thinking, I can’t go on like this and something needs to change, but I don’t know where to start or what to do? 

The Truth

We all get stressed and we all experience stress in different ways.

Everyday life is dictated by our emotions, much more than we are aware of.

The problem arises when acute stress becomes chronic stress, which now means you are living in stress all the time.

Unfortunately, if not managed, this can lead to health problems, burnout and breakdown.

The Answer

Nothing changes until YOU change.

You don’t have to be a victim of life. There are no emotions that are bad or wrong. They provide feedback on how we experience life and how we are feeling in the moment.

There are many tools, techniques and strategies that can support you to build personal resilience.

However, if you are looking for overnight success or quick fixes, I probably won’t be able to support you.

If you’re ready to take the next step and find out more, book a call.


The sessions made me assess how I was behaving on a daily basis and how I can cope with difficult situations, whether they are small or big, using the techniques Daksha showed. The techniques are so simple but the benefits you receive are amazing.

You can do these exercises at work, sitting at your desk or even whilst driving. Each session with Daksha was very clear and concise and I always felt at ease and calm and much more knowledgeable after each session.

Daksha has a real gift in teaching, with her calm and professional manner, she puts you at ease and really helps you understand the work you are doing and the benefits you’ll receive. If, at any point, I did not understand anything, Daksha would always follow this up with a really good example.

I would highly recommend Daksha to anyone looking to have any of her training sessions. I’m already thinking of booking more sessions on other courses Daksha provides.

I really feel this has helped me in my personal and professional life in handling situations and being mindful of my behaviors and responses.

Thank you Daksha for showing me how to lead a more fulfilling life.