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The Resilient You mastery Program


What is the Resilient You Mastery Program?

I created The Resilient You Mastery Program to deliver lasting positive change, both professionally and personally. There are 4 phases to the program and all aspects of the program can be tailored to suit your personal and business needs. The program, resources and support combine to deliver innovative, inspiring and interactive initiatives based on the latest research and evidence relating to positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience.

Problems and challenges in work and life never go away. They simply appear in different disguises and consistently. The key is learning to navigate work and life feeling energised, confident and having clarity rather than feeling overwhelmed, stuck and tired. It’s never about the challenges but how you deal with them in an empowered and resilient way.

If you want to transform the way you deal with personal and business challenges The Resilient You Mastery Program is for you. When you learn to master your emotions, you learn to master your life.

Phase 1: Discovery

Every relationship begins with YOU. Who are you? Do you really understand why you think and behave as you do? Imagine the power of truly knowing yourself, what motivates you, and how you impact the relationships in your life?

Your personality determines whether you are easily frustrated, casual, critical or carefree. Your personality is more than just an “attitude”. It causes your preferences, actions, and reactions in life.

I am certified to use the Colour Code Personality Profiling system to coach and train individuals and teams to improve personal performance, teamworking and communications.

The Discovery program includes a 90 minutes one to one session once you complete the profile assessment which will identify your core driving motive including a detailed report of the findings. The assessment will provide you with insights on why you do what you do and how you can improve your relationships at work and in your personal life.

Phase 2: Ignite

Workplace demands require you to stay focussed, maintain a positive state of mind and be highly productive, whilst managing workload, delivering customer expectations and generating more business. Dealing with day to day challenges requires energy, confidnce and clarity. 

By increasing your resilience, you will strengthen your mental capacity and ability to handle day to day pressures. Being able to self regulate your emotions and stay calm, especially when everyone around you looks like they are losing it, is becoming an essential practice.

The Ignite program is a one day workshop which can be delivered in full, in sections or as individual coaching sessions to suit your personal or business needs. It provides you with practical tools to transform stress and build resilience.

The Ignite program will provide you with the tools to:• develop resilience •be more resourceful and less stressed• increase personal performance and productivity• have more energy, clarity and confidence.

Phase 3: Growth

You know as well as I do, that you are more likely to take action when you are held to account. This is why ongoing coaching is really important as it provides accountability and support to embed learning, implement practices and share your experiences whilst making positive changes.

The Growth program is a 3 months group or personal coaching program and includes Discovery and Ignite services. When it comes to making personal changes, it’s easy to rationalise, make excuses and justify why you haven’t taken the agreed actions. The reality is stepping outside your comfort zone and creating new habits requires patience, practice and commitment.

 The Growth program is a 3 months program consisting of weekly coaching sessions and includes all the contents and resources covered in phases 1 and 2. Also included is a HeartMath guidebook, exercises and HearthMath inner balance biofeedback coherence sensor to evidence your progress.

Phase 4: Transformation

This program is truly life changing. Being able to live a life that ultimately provides the freedom to do what you want and when you want, whilst feeling fulfilled, happy and healthy, is achievable when you know how.

The truth is, how you think, act and feel over time become your habits which create your personality. It is your personality, that creates your personal reality. If you are not living the life you want, it stands to reason that you need to change your habits to create a new future.

The Transformation program is truly life changing and provides up to 6 months of weekly one to one training and coaching sessions including content and resources covered in phases 1 and 2. The program also includes proprietary training that teaches you how to break old habits that no longer serve you and bring about true, lasting change — from the inside out.

This proprietary training focuses on delivering unique, cutting-edge solutions based on the latest research in neuroscience. The methodology and approach are designed to expand, evolve, and transform individuals, teams, and entire organisations to create a cohesive, resilient culture with a shared vision that produces extraordinary results.

This training is based on the work of researcher and best-selling author, Dr Joe Dispenza using neuroscience models for change which I am licensed and accredited to deliver.


We in TICN have had the wonderful pleasure of inviting Daksha to deliver her powerful Joe Dispenza corporate training to our leaders on 3 occasions in the past two years. Daksha has a huge heart and really cares for her students of her powerfully delivered corporate training. We would highly recommend that you invite Daksha in to deliver her training to your leaders. Her dedication to supporting you in getting the best out of your people is outstanding. Her commitment and dedication to be of service is awesome. A wonderful warm, generous, kind soul to be around.

Owen O’Malley

Founder, TICN